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Rick Blabolil
May 5, 2020

Remote Workforce Checklist

Companies around the globe are working from home. Many have never had to figure out how to properly manage a remote workforce. If you count yourself among them, feel free to use this helpful check list as a guideline for success.

Enable security measures: During this time of uncertainty, fraud and hacking is rampant. Ensure your organization is protected by implementing proper security measures to allow employees to work from home safely. Here are a few examples: enforce safe password guidelines, use up-to-date security tools for your business website, review who has access to editing privileges, and create an emergency plan in the event of a cyber-attack.

Confirm that all employees have access to tools and equipment: Create and distribute a survey to send to employees asking if they have access to monitors, laptops, WiFi, office chairs etc. Employees work far more productively and efficiently when they have access to all the tools and equipment they need without having to “make do” with what they have at home.

Implement a communication system: Maintaining the human connection during this time is key. Setup a virtual communication system with video functionality to engage employees. It’s proven that employees are more engaged when their video camera is turned on and communications take place face-to-face. Provide instructions on how to enable the camera or microphone features so employees can tune into the virtual meeting. Additionally, video conferencing can function as a visual “wellness check” to ensure employees are taking care of themselves during this time of shelter in place.

Schedule check-ins: Allocate time to check in with employees to ensure they’re emotionally and physically well and engaging with others. These check-ins help build relationships between people at a time when we need it the most. Email is certainly less personal and much can get lost in translation. Communicating with employees via phone or video helps to bridge the human connection gap. Maintain an “open door policy” virtually by offering your time to employees.

Acknowledge milestones: Say “thank you” to your employees by recognizing them with a non-monetary reward for their hard work during this time. Honor and recognize employee birthdays and work anniversaries to let them know they are special and appreciated. For budget-friendly ideas on how to reward and recognize employees read our blog.

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