Frequently Asked Questions

Employee engagement and Incentives programs

How can I request a demo of the platform?
Is it plug and play?
Do I have to setup or manage the program on my own?
Why do I need a program?

Reimbursements, Rebates, and Claiming:

What are rebates and reimbursements?
What kind of rebates are offered?
What is claiming?
How do you process a claim?
How do I sign up?
How soon are disbursements and reimbursements processed?

GiftCards, E-cards, and Reward Codes

How do I purchase gift cards?
What are the denominations?
Is there special pricing on bulk orders?
What are reward codes?

Branded Merchandise and Gift Bundles:

How do I place an order?
AmI limited to the products that are provided on the website or is there a more extensive catalogue?
Do you ship directly to employees home?
If I am a vendor who is interested in working with you, to add to your store or gift bundle selection, where do I go?