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Save Time & Money With Our Modern Payout Platform

Whether you’re paying out a sales claim, a product rebate, or a reimbursement, sending money to your customers, clients, and employees should be a smooth experience. Anything else can be incredibly frustrating for someone that is waiting to be paid. That's not good for your brand or your bottom line.

With MI Funds®, you get a modern alternative to the manual, time-intensive, and error-prone submission and payout process. Our best-in-class platform is a win/win for you and your recipients. It’s a quick, easy, trackable, and reportable process that, let's face it, we've all come to expect in our digital world.

Why Not Bring Some “Easy” Into Your Payout Process?

Next Level Sales Claiming

A quick and easy claim submission process with real-time claim status updates that allows you to eliminate the manual process of filling out and submitting paper forms to be approved.

Submit and track product-specific promotional coupon claims with a streamlined process that can support multiple promotions for one or many products.

Looking for even more ways to incentivize your recipients? Let them earn points which can be redeemed for awesome rewards, like top brand e-gift cards and merchandise!

Rapid Rebates & Reimbursements

Rebate submission that’s easy to do and impossible to mess up. Pre-populated information and well-placed prompts ensure accurate inputs and frictionless approvals.

Send your rebate in the form of a visa prepaid card or an e-gift card... It’s your choice! We handle all the fulfillment & provide customer service.

As the administrator, you’ll use our best-in-class portal to review, approve or reject all claims and leave comments for follow-up.

Digitized Disbursements

After a simple setup, your administrator can issue individual disbursements or upload a file for multiple payouts.

Set loyalty goals, create meaningful and impactful communications, track effectiveness, and even distribute funds on a prepaid card or a custom-branded card with your logo on it.

Recipients get an email with the details and best of all, they get to choose between the speed and ease of a virtual prepaid card or comfort and tangibility of a physical card.

Here’s How it Works:

With Features Like These, MI Funds is More Than Just a Way to Pay, it’s a Productivity Powerhouse!

Fast Implementation
Easy Claim Status Tracking
Save on Printing & Postage
Communication Tools
Point Banking
Incentive Programs
Service Anniversaries
On-the-Spot Recognition
Social Feeds
Global Access
Historical Search & Review
White Labeled
Robust Analytics
Private and Secure

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