A Quick, Easy, and Trackable Payout Process

Sending a payment to your customers, clients, even employees, should be a smooth experience. Anything else can be traumatizing for someone that is waiting to be paid. That's not good for your brand or your bottom line.

Prepaid cards are a win/win with a quick, easy, trackable, and reportable process that, let's face it, we've all come to expect in our digital world.

Rebate Processing

A best-in-class rebate processing platform that eases the pain in a cost-effective way, from start to finish.


A quick, secure, cost-effective way to preload funds to your employees, or just about anyone. Save the time and effort of cutting a check or opening additional corporate credit cards.


Make your paybacks trackable and re-usable with a process that pays.


Bring in new business with an online refer-a-business program.


Eliminate the manual process of filling out and submitting paper forms to be approved.

With Features like These, a Prepaid Card
Is More Than Just Money:

Save time, save money.

Replace physical issuance with digital distribution.

Customizable branding on emails, web portal, and messaging.

Advanced risk and fraud monitoring tools.

Rewards portal with multiple language options.

More cost effective than a traditional pre-paid debit card.

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