Prepaid Cards to Recognize Your Employees

Show Your Appreciation with Prepaid Cards

Everyone loves to be rewarded for a job well done. Whether you're looking to recognize an employee, customer, or channel partner, a monetary incentive is almost always a good idea. At Marketing Innovators, we provide our clients with easy-to-use prepaid cards to present to their chosen recipients.

This type of recognition is often instrumental in boosting productivity,empowering employees, giving program participants a positive view of your company. With so many benefits to your business and your team members, it only makes sense to invest in a rewards program. Find out more about our option involving prepaid cards.

Learn More About Our Quick, Easy Payout Process

When using the internet, we've come to expect a simple, streamlined process. And online use of preloaded debit cards is no exception. The team at Marketing Innovators has developed a system that allows for quick and easy redemption. After all, a less-than-smooth experience can reflect poorly on your brand. We offer a simple, trackable, and reportable payout process that you and your program participants have come to expect.

What to Expect from Our Preloaded Cards

Our clients get much more than just a physical debit card when they work with us. At Marketing Innovators, we strive to offer all-inclusive rewards programs, including airtight processing platforms and administration tools.Those who choose our prepaid cards can take advantage of all the following bonuses:

Rebate Processing

Our processing system boasts best-in-class software and allows for a cost-effective and hassle-free process.


Cutting a check or opening a new credit card is nothing short of a hassle. Our quick and secure disbursement services allow you to preload funds for anyone related to your company.


Reimbursements are necessary from time to time in the corporate world. Choose Marketing Innovators for a simple way to track paybacks.


Word of mouth is the best marketing that money can't buy. With our referral program, you can make it easier for your patrons to spread the word about your exceptional products or services.


A manual claims process is tedious and time-consuming. Our system eliminates the need for paperforms and moves everything you need online.

With Features like These, a Prepaid Card
Is More Than Just Money:

Perhaps the most obvious reason to opt for prepaid cards is the sheer amount of choice they afford to their recipients. Those who receive these cards can use them for nearly anything, from extra gas money to a night out.However, the benefits don't begin and end with program participants. Businesses that invest in rewards programs such as these also get plenty of rewards. What goes around comes around, right? Our clients report the following benefits of giving prepaid cards to their top employees, loyal customers, and reliable channel partners:

Save time, save money.

Replace physical issuance with digital distribution.

Customizable branding on emails, web portal, and messaging.

Advanced risk and fraud monitoring tools.

Rewards portal with multiple language options.

More cost effective than a traditional pre-paid debit card.

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Ask About Our Other Rewards

Prepaid cards may not be the right choice for everyone. While they have plenty of merits, it's entirely possible that you may need another option when it comes to giving out rewards. Fortunately, Marketing Innovators has you covered. We offer all kinds of rewards programs beyond prepaid cards. What's more, many of our offerings are completely customizable. That means you can tailor our programs to your exact needs. Browse our other rewards options and give us a call to learn more:

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Clearly, prepaid debit cards and similar rewards programs can provide a major advantage to any company. No matter the size or location of your business, Marketing Innovators wants to help you boost employee satisfaction and customer engagement with an exciting new rewards program.

We'll listen to your unique needs and circumstances, and we can recommend the best type of program for you. Our team is happy to explain the pros of each option and help you come to an educated decision. Regardless of the rewards program you choose, you can count on excellent results. If you want to know more about implementing prepaid cards, don't hesitate to contact us.