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Molly Erfort
VP, Marketing
March 3, 2020

Let’s Taco Bout It!

It’s Taco Tuesday and National Employee Appreciation Month – let’s taco ‘bout it. Employee Appreciation is a relatively new holiday that was founded in 1995 and takes place on the first Friday of March. It’s a day to honor and recognize your employees for their hard work and contribution to the business. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love holidays?

That said, just because Employee Appreciation Day is one day of the year, doesn’t mean that we should only celebrate and appreciate employees once a year. We must continually reward and recognize great work. Are you thinking how can I do this? We’re here to help.

To spice things up let’s talk about Employee Appreciation Day in terms of a taco. Here are the freshest of ingredients needed:

1.     Tortilla (Employees) – In a taco the tortilla is the foundation… the support that holds the pieces together. Similarly, recognition of your employees is the foundation of any good management strategy. What better way to support and recognize them than by giving a handwritten personal note with words of affirmation to show them they are appreciated? In a card or in an email, a note of thanks to your employees is a thoughtful gesture that can produce a meaningful impact.

2.     Protein (Fulfillment) – the protein is the MEAT (literally for the carnivores,metaphorically for the vegetarians) or the core of the taco. It is the most filling and substantial part of the taco. How do we help provide employees with a sense of fulfillment? By treating with the respect and dignity that all human beings crave and deserve! Treating people right is the easiest and most impactful thing you can do to juice up your retention rates, smooth out your recruitment efforts, and power your productivity. One tried and true method to do that is by literally filling up their stomachs while metaphorically filling up their tanks. Whether it’s tacos on a Tuesday in March or donuts on a Monday in May, there’s no quicker way to someone’s heart than through their stomach.

3.     Guacamole (Extras) – we all know “Gauc is extra.” So be a little extra and give the people what they want by offering a flexible schedule on Employee Appreciation Day. Tell employees they can take a longer lunch break or give them the opportunity to leave work a little early. Offering some extra time for employees to go home and spend quality time with their friends and family will be very much appreciated and we know it’s well deserved.

4.     Cheese (Options) – adding cheese to your taco can be a controversial move because not everyone likes dairy – similarly, not everyone wants to work from home or maybe they aren’t able to work from home because their daily tasks don’t allow for it. To employees who can’t work from home – test offering a flexible start or end time. To those who can - try offering a work from home day. Working from home is a benefit to employees because it saves on commute time and seriously cuts down on workplace distractions.

5.     Fiesta! (Celebration!) – Host a party to thank your employees for their hard work. Hosting a social gathering is a fun way to get all of your employees and managers in one place. It helps build relationships within the organization and improves company culture overall because the more employees get to know each other the more motivated and excited they will be to work together as a team.

You may need to customize your ingredients based on what your budget allows and what your employees will appreciate, but the end result should still be a happier and more engaged workforce.

Looking for other ways to recognize your employees or interested in implementing a full service platform? Insert Marketing Innovators. We’re here to make your life easier, your culture more exciting, and your employees feel more appreciated for the hard work they provide everyday. Contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today.

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