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Rick Blabolil
May 15, 2019

Embrace the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The workplace continues to change at a rapid pace, which at times can seem difficult to keep up with. Armed with an understanding of how things are changing, you can face it head on and make it work for you and your business. If not, it will consequently sail right past you leaving you wondering what happened, and well behind your competitors. 

One of the leading and most significant changes globally is the rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). In some industries it has replaced entire jobs, which is a great source of stress and worry for some.The thought of essentially being replaced by a machine can be quite daunting,not to mention very upsetting if it is taking over your livelihood.  

However, it can also greatly improve productivity,effectiveness, and reduce costs. With the right education and training,utilizing these systems in your business can have a powerfully positive effect. Forbes notes, “businesses need to overcome the trust and bias issues surrounding AI by achieving an effective successful implementation that makes it possible for everyone to benefit.”  

Many experts also believe that AI will actually create jobs.After all, there is human intelligence behind this technology, and someone needs to teach others how to use these systems in order to maximize their potential. Not to mention the fact that increased automation can catalyze growth opportunities in a tight labor market. 

Also, according to Forbes,“With the cost-savings from implementing AI systems, employers should also focus on upskilling their current employees.” By successfully using AI systems in your business, it should free up funds that can be used to better your employees. It’s a win-win. Ask what kind of training, seminars, and education they would be interested in. This shows that you are invested in their time,talent, and value to your business. 

Sounds like it’s time to start embracing these changes! 

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