White Papers

Corporate Incentives - 10 Reasons Why Gift Cards Are More Compelling Than Cash

Trophy value, desirability, and ease of program administration lead benefits.

Want Employees to Be Happy With Your Incentives? Know the Tax Code and Communicate

A 1986 change in the tax law has led to a lot of confusion around taxation of employee incentives. As a result, employees sometimes are left [...]

For Better Customer Service, Engage Employees

Companies that commit to engaging and empowering their employees—front-line and back office— increase customer satisfaction by 54 percent [...]

The Double Benefit Of Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness programs and employee engagement are strongly linked. Wellness programs are a top engagement strategy, and engaged [...]

Why You Need to Measure Employee Engagement ROI

Drawing on extensive research, and the survey conducted by MI, this Workspan white paper not only tells you why measurement is important [...]

Social Recognition, the Most Powerful Yet?

Social recognition is increasingly recognized as a powerful employee recognition tool. When organizations adopt social recognition platforms [...]

Employee Engagement ROI Survey Results

Employee engagement is critical to lower turnover, higher productivity and strong financial performance. Yet a recent Marketing Innovators [...]

Getting the Most from Your Channel Incentives

Are you confident that your channel incentives are on target and delivering the impact you want? This white paper from Marketing Innovators [...]

Designing an Effective PPM Strategy

Drawing on extensive research from well-respected sources, this white paper from Marketing Innovators outlines in detail 10 steps that show how [...]