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Rick Blabolil

How to Increase Communication within the Workplace

Mastering communication in the workplace can be a challenge for even the most successful of companies. The concept itself is subjective and something that takes consistent and continual practice.

While we shift towards a virtual world we must prioritize communication strategies and continually encourage employees to build connections with peers, managers, and clients. Here are a few recommendations to increase communication within the workplace…and in life:

- Write a letter – Make it clear and personal to the person you are addressing. Handwritten notes are a thoughtful gesture to any recipient. Writing a note is genuine and an effective way to communicate. Here are a few examples of topics to write about:

  • Thank you note - For providing advice, helping out on a project, being a team player, etc.
  • Thinking of you or hope all is well - Especially important during a difficult time, while working on a rigorous project, or in relation to something that came up in the news or around the office.
  • It was great catching up – An easy way to touch base and show that person you appreciated their time.
  • Birthday/Anniversary– Send a greeting during a time when they deserve it.

- Pick up the phone – Leadership or Human Resources should call and welcome new employees to the company, provide company history, background, and goals. Additionally, call employees on their last day of work to thank them for working with them and to wish them the best on their next endeavor.

- Have meaningful conversations – Reaching out to employees and asking meaningful questions can help improve individual success and company success…

  • What’s your underlying motivation?
  • How do you rate the company culture?
  • Is there anything you would like to see the company do more of?

- Answer questions with honesty – If you want to connect with people and build meaningful relationships than you have to be vulnerable and open up. Elaborate on topics that are work-related and initiate casual conversations about what is happening in a peer’s personal life. We spend a lot of time with coworkers so it is important to get to know each other!

- Turn the video on – Being able to see facial expressions and interact with one another more candidly is a stronger form of communication. When you’re on Zoom, users can be encouraged (but not forced) to be present and to participate via video.

When in doubt, over communicate! If you’re interested in learning more ways to successfully communicate or just looking to have a candid conversation than reach out to a Marketing Innovators specialist today.