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Rick Blabolil

Employee Burnout is Real and It Is Rampant


Not surprisingly, employee burnout is on the rise this year and our mental health is more important than ever. Companies are not only tasked with the potential shift in business strategy, but also require a new lens to ensure their employees are staying engaged and motivated.

Pre-pandemic, work life balance was “easier” to define and quite possibly even easier to achieve with actually having places to go and people to see, all within the parameters of your daily schedule. Now most of our worlds have moved into the confines of our own four walls. Running from place to place throughout the course of a day is a rarity. Additionally, it’s not just you, but a family or roommate full of people who have been forced to set-up shop and go about their day within those same four walls. It’s easy to see how the attempts to achieve work life balance have become even more out of balance. The lines have been blurred and people are over-worked, burned-out, and stressed-out from the new daily grind. Employers and employees alike face this issue.

Now that we’ve established the challenge, what’s the solution?


Short-term - Stay in touch:

  • Instant rewards: Gift cards are a quick and easy way to show your employees you care and appreciate their hard work – and you that they are always on your mind. An e-gift card straight to the inbox is a great afternoon pick-me-up they’re sure to appreciate. Choose from hundreds of options or better yet, let them pick their favorite!
  • Thoughtful rewards: Send a pre-curated gift box with goodies like cheese and meats, nuts, coffee or tea, work essentials and swag, or even electronics. These gift boxes can be sent straight to your employee’s home, just in time for the holidays, New Year’s, or even a Super Bowl party. If you’re looking to deliver a more personal message, create your own customized gift box, that is sure to wow them.

Long-term – Stay in touch:

  • Employee engagement programs: Whether you are looking to continually reward, recognize, and engage employees or searching for a solution to keep everyone connected and supported, ongoing employee engagement programs can provide everything you need in one place. Engagement platforms that support years of service, sales incentives, wellness initiatives, and even have social walls are a worthy investment that gives your team a sense of belonging and makes them feel appreciated.

Employee burnout is at an all-time high and let’s face it, the pandemic and its effects are going to be around a while.  As it ebbs and flows, the bigger question is when will it start to decline? With all of the uncertainty in the world, no one really knows. Even when things return to “normal” there will still be some level of employee strain as we adapt to all that has changed. Management will still be charged with running their organizations, investing in their employees, and watching the bottom line. Employees will still be looking for a sense of belonging and meaning within their daily tasks, and striving for their own sense of work life balance. If you’re interested in learning more about bridging the employee engagement gap, contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today.