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Billy Boor
Regional Business Developer
September 15, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need An Employee Platform

Still trying to figure out how to effectively and efficiently manage remote working? The secret is investing in your employees and implementing an employee program that allows you to communicate, say thank you, acknowledge milestones, and much more all year around. This evergreen approach provides the opportunity to communicate through a social wall, collect feedback, send surveys, track analytics, give awards and beyond.  Here are five reasons why you (and your company) need an employee platform.

1.       Maintain Employee communication through a streamline employee engagement portal. Having a platform allows employees to login when and where they want. They can communicate and send messages to other employees and managers in one, secure, SaaS solution. Build relationships virtually and across various distances using a social wall. With the flexibility of remote working many employees are moving out of state and across the country to be near family or to embrace a lower cost of living. Ensure employees are continuing to check in with one another through virtual communications.

2.       Acknowledge milestones such as birthdays or work anniversaries. These days we all need reminders to notify us of a coworker’s special day. Let the platform do the work by setting alerts for any anniversary or milestone of your choice.

3.       Provide candid feedback and surveys allows for anonymous or virtual feedback. Allow employees to describe how their feeling, what their workload feels like, and a candid opportunity to present any other thoughts and concerns. Considering there is not a rule book on how to manage stress and emotions during a pandemic. Managers and human resources representatives can send surveys to employees to better track: morale, stress levels, wellness, and other critical pieces of information. Privacy is crucial– so having a tool that protects the information will allow for trust and participation.

4.       Analytics and reporting are key to being successful. Use data driven results to help with decision making. Track patterns and which employees are being rewards for certain skills. Perhaps, your content creator would be a great fit in IT. Artificial intelligence platforms will allow you to draw inferences and help better your employee’s career and the success of your business.

5.       Reward, reward, reward. Send employees monetary and non-monetary rewards or give recognition to employees to honor their accomplishments. This is critical during these uncertain times. Provide words of affirmation to motivate and incentivize.

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