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Billy Boor
Regional Business Developer
August 4, 2020

Reward Codes for Recognition

Is real life starting to feel a bit like the movie Groundhog Day? You are not alone… the monotony of shutdown is affecting all of us. Employers across the globe continue to mandate work from home schedules to protect their employees and allow for continued social distancing. As a result, many employees are finding it difficult to shut down their computers and turnoff their notifications. It feels like the work day continues to grow longer and the typical five day schedule is a thing of the past. At MI, we’ve been seeing those lines get blurred as well. Which is why we created a solution.

Ultimately, employees deserve to be recognized for the great work and even greater hours they’re clocking. One quick and easy way to do that is with gift cards. Gift cards are a great corporate gift for every milestone: employee birthdays, work anniversaries, employee appreciation week, holidays, or just to break up the monotony of life in 2020.

To make gift cards even more appealing as a reward option, try sending Reward Codes. These digital codes can be personalized and sent by email, and best of all they give employees the ability to choose which cards they want from hundreds of top brands! The entire process is so easy, from setup, to administration, to redemption, that it’s truly a no-brainer win-win solution.

Reward Codes save time and money, and provide employers the opportunity to send gifts remotely. Additionally, gift cards accommodate a busy life schedule because people no longer have to go into the store to use their gift card, most can be redeem online.

All you have to do is choose the value of the Reward Code and the employees can pick their favorite brand! These days, you have to allow for that kind of flexibility. While some people may want a Starbucks gift card to so they can recapture the old morning routine of a freshly brewed drink that is made for them, others would rather redeem for an REI gift card to purchase gear for their next camping or road trip.

Setup is so fast and easy that there’s no reason to over think it. We’re here to make it easier for you to make your employees feel special. Break up these pandemic doldrums by giving your employees something to look forward to (and a reason to stay productive)!

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