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Rick Blabolil

The Future of the Workforce is in the Employee Experience

In a 2020 survey conducted by HR Sentiment – 50% of HR representatives and business leaders ranked employee experience as their top initiative. Employee experience was ranked significantly higher than AI, people analytics, and employee compensation and benefits. Based on the research it is evident employers and business leaders alike have their employees’ top-of-mind. Furthermore, as stated in the article, 41% of employees reported feeling burned out and 23% reported feeling depressed, which further solidifies the need for a stronger and more empathetic employee experience.

In order to build a business and manifest its growth and success, employees must be nurtured and recognized. In other words, to succeed takes time, so slow things down – allow people to take a breath and hit the reset button. We all need to recharge after a few months of stay-at-home orders.

Start by allocating time to refresh, reboot, and reconstruct your purpose and goals. This is important to do professionally and personally. Dedicating time to refocus the mind will allow for better, more constructive progress in the future and foster successful collaboration in the workplace.

Here are five lessons provided by the Future Workplace businesses.

  1. “See employee experience through the eyes of employees.”
  2. “Listen to your employees to understand the type of virtual/physical workplace they want.”
  3. “Future of work is worker well-being.”
  4. “Employee experience is a business initiative that requires involvement from multiple partners and stakeholders.”
  5. “Finally, use agile methods to design for the “optimal experience” rather than just solving a pressing problem.”’

These five lessons will improve the employee experience because it encourages managers and leadership to stop and listen to how their team members and coworkers are feeling. It challenges employers to put themselves in the shoes of their employees.

As a result of the worldwide pandemic, there have been multiple changes and expectations incorporated into daily society. Social distancing is the new norm and individuals are required to wear face masks inside offices, stores, salons, and other social spaces. Although, we don’t know how long these changes will last, we do know that we’ll forever be changed. The health and well-being of employees will forever be a top priority in the employee experience.

Implementing a tool that allows for recognition, acknowledgments, and wellness can help with the employee experience. Even better if that solution allows for personal accountability, asocial wall to share ideas and motivate each other, and videos to demonstrate different styles of exercise. Motivation can be difficult, but with these tools companies can add incentives and rewards for participating in these experiences.

Great options are gift cards or a merchandise catalog to allow employees to choose their reward. It’s the most effective way to offer the freedom of choice and improve the employee experience. Altogether, employee mental, behavioral and physical health are not just the priorities for each individual, but also for a productive and safe work environment.

If you’re interested in invigorating your business and improving your employee experience contact a Marketing Innovators Specialist today. We’re here to help elevate the employee experience whether remotely or while you transition back into the office.