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May 1, 2014

What’s Hot, What’s Not, in Incentive Travel

As you may have learned from our previous blog, or from a recent Incentive Research Foundation white paper, incentive travel rewards are on the rise once again and have a big impact on performance in the workplace. What you will discover in this blog is the impact of incentive travel, current trends, and why you should consider starting your own incentive travel program or bringing it back.


What’s Hot in Incentive Travel

Individual custom travel is a new and popular way to incentivize with travel rewards. Companies are no longer limited to a short list of options, but instead can offer their workforce unique, personalized experiences. Incentive travel now has options that let employees plan and experience travel rewards the way they choose to – on an individual level. For example, what about something as simple as hotel certificates that don’t expire, or can be saved and combined for dream vacation or an adventure travel destination?

What’s Not Hot in Incentive Travel

These days employees expect more from their employer, and this includes incentive travel options. Employees want to feel their rewards are special and tailored specifically to them. This is where generic travel rewards can fail to deliver desired results. In another  white paper, this from the Incentive Travel Council, Jay Hagan, CEO of DriveSavers, said, “We have found that, in offering incentive travel rewards, we give our professionals the opportunity for experiences they will never forget.”  Rewards that are time-limited or generic are less valued by employees, but personalized incentive travel rewards can have a strong and lasting impact.

As the economy recovers and incentive travel is once again finding its place in rewards programs, employers have more options when deciding how they should incentivize and motivate employees. No longer are traditional incentives the staple of employee recognition, which is why this is the perfect time to bring incentive travel to your company. To learn more about incentive travel or to begin customizing your program, contact a Marketing Innovators travel specialist today.

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