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Stephanie Galioto
Manager, Client Services

10 Questions to Ask Vendors About Claims Before Selecting a Channel Sales Claiming System

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are dependent on channel sales incentive coupons and vouchers to drive unit sales. While each OEM may have their set of specific business requirements with respect to these promotional incentives, there are commonalities between them in terms of the general claim, validation and settlement process that many of today’s claiming technology solutions are designed to support.

If you are in the market for an end-to-end incentive claims management solution, here are 10 questions to ask prospective vendors to ensure easy administration, management, and monitoring.

  1. Can we configure the claims validation process to meet our business needs and audit standards? You’ve put time into developing your verification process with respect to unit sales, product bundles, stackable coupons, and documentation. Ensure the system can handle each element of the promotional process regarding eligible products, the proper application of coupons to appropriate product sales, complete and accurate information and required documentation.
  2. Can the system flag potential duplicate, fraudulent, and incomplete claims? Duplicate or incomplete claims are not unusual, and sometimes there may be fraudulent claims. Be sure the platform can prevent these time-consuming—and potentially costly—incidents.
  3. How does the system provide visibility on claims and statuses (i.e., pending, approved, settlement?) Selling is intensely time-consuming and channel partners (claims submitters) want to know immediately where they stand. This is critical for program administrators as well. Be sure the platform you select can provide pertinent information on demand to key users.
  4. What forms of compliance audit and verification reporting does the system provide?Review the on-screen and exportable audit, governance, and compliance reporting available through the online application and ensure these reports can provide the necessary detail to certify claim accuracy validity and proper payment.
  5. Does the program have multiple touchpoints for claims communications?Most users are satisfied with just a web-based utilitarian tool. However, we live in a multi-device world and just as consumers often “shop” a single product across several devices—mobile, tablet, even desktop—your claims communications should span multiple touchpoints for system users as well. This may include in-system messaging, email, or text messaging related to the claim.
  6. How is enrollment/registration supported?There may be occasions when a program sponsor does not necessarily have visibility below the partner/dealer/distributor level, down to the individual submitting the claim. This is why the system you choose should allow enrollment/registration of the authorized submitters to provide you with most flexible solution.
  7. How does your system support discrepancy resolution in claims and respective remunerations?This ties back to the submission and approval process. After a claim is submitted, a claims approver might notify the submitter of an incomplete claim form, request additional documentation or determine the coupon was misapplied to the wrong product group. After this is corrected, the approver will close out the submission and authorize payment.
  8. Can I repeat or extend a successful promotion?When you have an extremely successful promotion, you may want to continue it for a longer period. Alternatively, you might want to “clone” that promotion for repeat implementation at a later date, or even edit it with a twist. Well-designed systems support this type of functionality.
  9. How are payouts handled?Ensure the system can support your approval workflows and settlement processes. Also, the system should be flexible enough to support not only single voucher payouts, but it should also support settlement logic that allows submitters to combine or stack coupons by specific program rules when applicable.
  10. Can your program be configured to generate the kinds of reports I want?Before meeting with a prospective vendor, you should have in mind the particular types of reports you want—and a premier vendor might even suggest ones you have not considered but that would add value to your program. At the most basic, you’ll want usage reports, who are making claims, detail on all claims that have been made, and settlement status on all of the payouts.


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