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Molly Erfort
VP, Marketing

Three Common Problems Solved by Boosting Employee Engagement

A focus on employee engagement is good for your people and good for your business. And yet, research shows that 70% of Americans are disengaged in their work. That’s an incredibly high number and a lot of missed revenue!

It’s also a huge opportunity, if you are willing to put in an effort to address it. As a long-time leader in the field of Employee Engagement, we’ve noticed a lot of negative patters that can be interrupted by focusing on the employee experience.

Here are just a few common problems that can be solved when you boost engagement.

Employee Turnover

Did you know that employees who do not feel valued are twice as likely to quit? The time and cost associated with employee turnover alone should be motivation enough to get on board with recognizing and engaging your employees. Engaged employees contribute to a positive company culture and are better team players, are less stressed, and are much more likely to stick around. Humans have an innate need for approval, belonging, and value. Boosting employee engagement satisfies those needs.


Motivation for increased productivity is directly related to how engaged an employee feels. Someone who is not committed to company goals and expectations is missing out on revenue and profitability for your business. By simply valuing an employee’s contributions, they are far more likely to perform at a higher level, and achieve goals more quickly. 

Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that when your employees exhibit enthusiasm towards your company and are in tune with company values, the customer has a much better experience. This drives the customer to return again and again. Without that, they will take their business elsewhere.  

Paying attention to these common issues with your employees can vital to the success of the organization. However, you may ask what now?

In summary, it’s easy! Focus on creating an environment where your employees feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Reward them for their great work and engage them in consistent positive and productive feedback. This can be done through monetary or non-monetary rewarding with badges, gamifying your feedback by incentivizing them to continue to be productive and sending out surveys to collect feedback for your organization to implement any new changes they would like to see.

Are you ready to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and improve customer loyalty? Contact an MI specialist today and you’ll be one step closer to realizing those goals!