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Sue Murphy
Manager, Operations/Product Services
November 20, 2017

Keeping The Customer Satisfied

When you think of excellent customer service, what comes to mind? There are probably a few specific businesses, companies, retailers, or restaurants that you immediately think of who consistently exhibit exemplary customer service. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these companies have an edge over their competitors, and are most likely somewhere that consumers keep coming back to.

It’s always a good time to do a pulse check on your own customer service. Are you serving customers well? How are you measuring customer satisfaction? Higher performing companies not only better understand the importance of treating customers well, but also value and measure their satisfaction to a higher degree than lower performing companies. What could you be doing differently?

As the year is winding down, it is still important to keep the basics in mind. One way that higher performing companies keep their edge is by incentivizing employees based on customer satisfaction. If those employees are delivering a memorable customer service experience that is enhancing and building your brand in a positive way, they are rewarded for it. This in turn, creates an environment where the employee is motivated to continue providing excellent customer service, along with meeting goals such as exceeding sales targets. 

In addition to the incentives, it also circles back to management. If employees are treated well by their employers, they are much more likely to provide a positive and effective customer experience. There are many ways to improve the employee’s experience, and the holidays are always a great time to do that.

As you think about ways to improve and/or continue delivering excellent customer service, as well as ways to ensure a positive workplace experience, think about getting a little help from the experts at Marketing Innovators.

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