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Rick Blabolil

The Power of Employee Recognition Done Right

Positive Employee Recognition Guidelines

Positive reinforcement yields positive results. The concept is clear, but the execution is key. Companies often forgo their employees’ emotional needs to focus on their customers and profits. However, it’s fiscally and holistically wiser to incorporate your employee’s requirements.

What Is Employee Recognition All About?

We define recognition as gestures that demonstrate how much your staff members mean to you. However, we’re aware that companies of varying sizes and industries will all have their own unique approaches to putting the concept into action. That’s why we offer tailored services to meet your company needs.

Why Don’t More Businesses Utilize Staff Appreciation?

The main problem that causes a lack of recognition in the workplace is that companies simply miss the mark. After a few failed attempts at a broad and impersonal token of gratitude, many businesses don’t push further to understand what went wrong. But may we suggest - it’s most likely a lack of sincerity and/or follow-through.

How to Effectively Acknowledge Your Staff

The first step in creating a substantial reward system is to dig deep to truly understand your goals. What is it that you want to achieve? Whether that’s higher company morale and productivity or top talent retention, you’ll want to understand the path to success. However, keep in mind that true employee recognition should be served equally among all employees and not simply favor the “cream of the crop.”

Establish a system so your workers clearly understand what there is to gain and how they contribute. Try to seek a healthy balance between something attainable, but neither too easy nor too difficult. You want your employees to stretch and understand the value of that effort.

Lastly, employee appreciation only goes so far if it isn’t timely. Reinforcing hardworking habits is most effective when done immediately. The longer you wait, the more your staff member will feel unappreciated.

Appreciation Ideas for Your Business

If you’re in search of employee appreciation gifts, we’ve got you covered. Seek to make the gifts personal and heartfelt. Some of the best recognition ideas include:

l  Mental health days: Sometimes, giving your staff some breathing space enhances their focus, and they come back feeling refreshed.

Work from home days or flexible hours: Not every day can be an off day, but allowing flexibility in work habits helps keep your team happy and creative.

Employee of the month awards: Don’t just pin a picture on the wall. Determine what your team appreciates and use it as an incentive, whether that’s a prepaid card or gift basket, or even a day off.

Thank you notes: Sometimes, heartfelt gestures mean more than money in boosting esteem.

Gift cards: Cards are appreciated twice, once when they’re given and once when they’re used. Even a small amount can go a long way!

Contact Marketing Innovators for Help With the Details

If you want to start practicing employee recognition but don’t know where to start, we can help. At Marketing Innovators, we’re dedicated to driving human connections in the workplace through recognition and rewards. We’ve been elevating the workforce experience for more than 40 years for companies across various industries and of all sizes. If you’d like detailed information on our services, contact us today.