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Molly Erfort
VP, Marketing

A New Age of Social Employee Recognition

Amplify Social Recognition

We define recognition as rewarding your staff for such things as milestones or a job well done. Social recognition, therefore, is an acknowledgment of your employees through social media platforms. Studies consistently prove that employee recognition pays off for everyone involved - including employees, customers, and the business itself. But with the new age of the digital workforce, traditional templates seem impersonal and ineffective, so it’s time to recognize that reality and focus recognition where it’s most effective.

Recognize Employees in the Moment

In this age of information, we’re more habituated than ever to receiving instant gratification. The disconnect between slow, outdated business models of appreciation with your staff’s actual day-to-day lifestyle of dopamine-inducing notifications can be palpable in the workplace. Rather than wait to hand out an employee of the month award, consider social recognition as a cutting-edge alternative that produces prompt results.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Sharing

If you’re worried about managing your own time as a manager or director trying to keep up with the constant demands of recognizing your employees - especially if you’re part of a major company- don’t be. Once a social platform for your business has been established, you can easily set up a system that encourages peer-to-peer sharing so you don’t have to carry all the weight on your shoulders.

From official nominations to informal e-cards and shout outs, training your team to encourage each other through recognition will effectively raise group morale and promote peer connections.

Consider Monetary Rewards

Money makes the world (and your business) go round. Employee appreciation gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and e-cards without a doubt are efficient at providing genuine acknowledgement in real-time. However, in the long run, incentivizing your team through monetary awards takes the positive impact of recognition a step further. In the end, your staff is there to earn money, so adding a fun and practical way to boost motivation helps everyone involved to feel a little bit better.

How to Get the Most From Social Employee Recognition

Creating a streamlined process of social recognition proves most effective at keeping everyone in your business on board. To do so, choose a specific platform that’s simple and visually appealing and that will keep your users engaged. Don’t stick to one standard reward, but instead offer various incentives like monetary gift cards, gift cards to local restaurants, sports tickets, and the like. Most importantly, make it a point to remind your employees that this platform exists. By weaving it directly into your company culture and daily tasks, you’re guaranteed to see a beneficial outcome.

If possible, brainstorm employee appreciation ideas directly with your team. This will help them to feel empowered and understood, which will result in higher efficiency, top talent retention, and increased profits.

Call Marketing Innovators for Customized Recognition Solutions

At Marketing Innovators, we specialize in creative recognition solutions to enhance your workplace experience. For more than 40 years, we’ve been building healthy company cultures for companies of all sizes. Utilizing modern tools & methods to celebrate and incentivize your employees, we’ll help you create and maintain a healthy company culture that’s tailored to fit your unique needs. Want to learn more? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with detailed information on our effective services.