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Rick Blabolil

A Powerful Strategy for Workforce Excellence in 2022

The realities of our current labor market have reinforced the value of a focus on culture.

Have you noticed that the expectations employees have of their employers have shifted in recent years? It’s been hard to miss all the talk and the reality of the “Great Resignation” and a tight labor market. 

Expectations around well-being, purpose, flexibility, and compensation are among the topics driving real change and many may be permanent. Countless people are no longer willing to work for employers that don’t treat their employees, communities, or even the planet, with increasing care.

As an employer amid all that turmoil it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The truth is, a fundamental solution to these issues has always been there, it’s just coming into greater focus under these greater pressures.

The people-first strategy: build a culture centered on employee well-being.

The struggle of the work/life balance and the corresponding stress, anxiety and burnout, has manifested itself in The Great Resignation movement. A burnout atmosphere can spread when organizations don’t prioritize well-being. Burnout has increased drastically among employed U.S. adults due to the pandemic. In fact, more than half of respondents to Indeed’s, Employee Burnout Report survey said they were feeling burned out, and 67% believed burnout has worsened over the last two years.

The resulting staff shortages and reduction in worker sentiment, lead to recruitment and retention being top priorities for most organizations. A strong, healthy workplace culture has never been more important for addressing those issues. Businesses that focus on cultivating people-centered, and purpose-driven cultures will be better positioned to win the talent wars – and beyond. Your employees want to know that the work they do – is not just generating a profit, but contributing to their personal development and the advancement of their community.

Beyond simple benefits: support for employees must be holistic.

The pandemic significantly impacted the health and well-being of people allover the world. In addition to the physical health implications of the pandemic, people have faced intense and prolonged mental, social, and financial stress. Now is the perfect time to find creative ways to reward, recognize, encourage and support your workforce in ways that address them as individuals pursuing inclusion, diversity, and equity. People are looking for real leadership and mentorship that focuses on the well-being of employees. It is an employee expectation and a business opportunity.

Employers who invest in employee well-being will reap business benefits. In fact, a Gartner’s 2020 Reimagine HR Employee Survey found that employers who support their employees more holistically will experience a 21% increase in high performers. At a time when finding, and keeping, top performers is nearly the entire game, that kind of advantage is pure gold.

Make it personal.

Reflect and consider an increased commitment to your annual health and wellness budget. Allow each person to customize their individual health and wellness needs. Personalized well-being initiatives and a dedicated employee engagement program are far powerful while working remotely or in a hybrid working model. Such an approach may seem time consuming, however, a engagement platform can be very effective and devoting time to your people is priceless.

Putting employees first, respecting their autonomy, and helping them to thrive and develop are simply the right things to do. These healthy foundational practices have also become a competitive advantage in today’s labor-constrained market.

The business case for investing in organizational culture has never been clearer, and the companies that are intentional about nurturing a culture prioritizing people, will see greater success. We would love to talk soon about how our products and services can assist your people-centric initiatives. Contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today.