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Rick Blabolil
July 28, 2015

Make Incentive Travel Your Breakout Rewards Option

When you think incentive travel, most people visualize an incentive program aimed at increasing sales numbers by offering a travel package to the sales employee(s) with the best numbers. Travel is often overlooked as a reward for other company initiatives like employee engagement or customer loyalty. It’s time to change the perception of incentive travel as just a sales performance reward and recognize it as a powerful motivator across all departments.

Who Can Benefit from Incentive Travel?

The short answer? Everyone. Incentive travel gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Aberdeen Group reports that organizations providing non-cash rewards, including travel rewards, had annual revenue increases that were three times higher than all other companies. The research focused on sales performance (“Sales Performance Management 2012: How Best in Class Optimize the Front Line and Grow the Bottom Line”) but has impactful implications for all departments.

A well-designed rewards and recognition program makes it easy to track goals and objectives for all departments. The Incentive Federation recently released travel reward stats showing that 43 percent of companies use incentive travel in their employee programs, 33 percent use incentive travel in their channel programs, and 27 percent use travel awards in their customer loyalty programs.

Seeing Beyond Business As Usual

The benefits of a travel incentive program speak for themselves. A memorable trip can recharge employees, boost morale, and support channel partner engagement.

The key is implementing the program successfully. You can achieve this by partnering with the right incentive travel company that will ensure that your program is executed correctly and is the right kind of memorable trip for your hardworking employees.

The Right Travel Rewards Company

Marketing Innovators reports a 4:1 return on investment for incentive travel programs and can arrange all the details for any type of incentive travel trip. Do your team members want a trip to California to travel the wineries? Or would they prefer an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or an active white water rafting trip? Whatever your trip, budget, and timeline talk with our experts about how you can increase your employee engagement, company loyalty, and move goals and objectives through an incentive travel program.

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