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March 6, 2015

Great Ways to Show Appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day

Too often employee appreciation is thought about but not acted upon. In a manager’s busy day, it can easily be overlooked or taken for granted that the employee knows they are valued. But small signs of appreciation will be received as pleasantly unexpected and thoughtful, while showing a level of care that truly resonates with employees and will impact their motivation and engagement levels within the company. So if you are looking for some ideas for this year’s Employee Appreciation Day follow these few suggestions and see for yourself the benefits.

Make a Thank You Video

The first great way to show appreciation is to create a thank you video that you can share with your entire team. You might be thinking that creating a video takes too much time and cost, but almost everyone has a smart phone these days, which means almost everyone has the ability to take pictures and create videos. A thank you video doesn’t have to be the next block buster at the theatres, but can be done in your office or at home and can still provide a great personal touch to your appreciation. This is even something we decided to do this year at Marketing Innovators. So to all our employees reading this blog, here is our thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Take the Team Out For Lunch

If you are like us, this time of year is fast paced and busy. Companies are in the thick of their new year plans and projects are full steam ahead, which usually means you don’t have much free time to relax and enjoy your co-workers’ company. One great way to show your appreciation and boost team morale is to go out for a Friday lunch and blow off some steam. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but an hour of great company and good food can have big impacts in recharging your team’s motivation.

Send a Note of Appreciation

Appreciation doesn’t have to be over thought or extensive to be effective. A simple thank you note can go a long way. This could be an email explaining why that employee is crucial to the team, or a card or sticky note left on their desk during lunch saying what great work they are doing. It’s cost efficient, easy to do and has big impacts.

Employees are the reason that your customers choose to do business with you, stay loyal to you and that your business is successful. So don’t forget to show how much they mean to you this Employee Appreciation Day. And to everyone at Marketing Innovators, you are all rock stars!

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