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Desiree Martinello
Executive & HR Administrator / Office Manager

How to Create the Culture of Employee Recognition

A Company’s Success Begins with Its Employees

Employees are the foundation of a successful business. Dissatisfied employees lead to poor service, which ultimately yields unhappy clients. To keep your company running smoothly, rewarding your workers is key.

How to Define Recognition in the Workplace

Employee recognition is how a company demonstrates appreciation for the hard work of its employees. What probably comes to mind are holiday bonuses and other monetary gifts, but you can express your appreciation in infinite ways. This often unnoticed aspect of running a business is essential to ensuring top-notch services.

While the umbrella term of employee recognition refers to overall worker appreciation, there are many reasons for a business to acknowledge and value its team or individual staff members. Some examples include:

l  Extraordinary achievements

l  Significant milestones

l  Consistent admirable performance

l  Exceeding expectations

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

It's a natural human instinct to want to be seen and acknowledged. It just makes sense that reinforcing good behavior and celebrating workers on a group or individual level boosts esteem and motivation. But doing so is not a one-way street - rewarding your employees results in a win-win situation on both ends.

According to a survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Trust Index, employees craved recognition far more than a promotion, autonomy, or inspiration. The singular aspect was the defining force of company culture. Furthermore, studies have proven that nearly 30% of employees will resign due to a lack of appreciation for their efforts.

We’ve established that employee recognition leads to job satisfaction. But how? The answer is multi-faceted. Some of the leading reasons include:

l  Boosted employee motivation

l  Higher overall company morale

l  Attraction and retention of top talent

l  A collaborative work environment

l  Increased profits

Recognize Your Employees Effectively

Creating a healthy company culture is simple with the right tools and mindset. Most of all, it's vital to maintain meaningful and fulfilling objectives. Before jumping into concrete rewards, you should establish a set of ideas and rules. Note that timeliness is key and relevant acknowledgment is more valuable than a general and vague idea. Showing employees that they make a difference in the company’s success helps solidify their sense of security and pride in their work.

Ideas for Recognition Awards

Do you need employment appreciation ideas? We’ve got plenty. Employee appreciation gifts can be grand or small gestures. The main idea is to show that you recognize and value their hard work. To show your staff appreciation, consider the following ideas:

l  Employee of the month awards

Gift cards

Prepaid cards

l  A full-featured social engagement platform

l  Digital reward codes

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With an increasingly digital workforce, we believe establishing human connections in the workforce is more important now than ever before. Through innovative solutions, first-rate products, and employee recognition programs, we’ll seamlessly enable your team’s professional growth. Contact us today to learn more.