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Joseph Frazier
Business Developer

Holiday Gifting 2021 Style

Tis the season……to start planning for the holidays! As a result of the events of the last year, prices are projected to increase as we move into 2022. To avoid the last minute shopping rush, make sure you have your corporate gifts covered. If you’re looking for options, we have some ideas.

Gift Cards: Give a little, get a lot, with gift cards. You’ve done the practical thing, now go for the heart with little acts of kindness. Whether you want to recognize employees for outstanding performance or just send a simple “thank you,” gift cards speak louder than cash every time. Here are some of our offerings.

  • Hundreds of name brand companies to choose from.
  • Digital or physical delivery options.
  • Bulk discounts to maximize your spend.
  • Easy & convenient ordering process.

If time is a factor to your gifting strategy – send electronic gift cards, or a multi-brand reward code, they’re quickly delivered to your associate’s personal or business email.

Gift Bundles: Gift bundles are a joy to receive, allowing us to stay connected and reminding us of our value as coworkers and colleagues. Whether you're heading back into the office, extending your remote work strategy, or hosting a virtual conference – now is the time to start planning.

  • Not ready for the return of in-person conferences? Deliver a gift bundle for participants to open each day of the forum. Better still, send a welcome package with information, gift cards, coffee, and custom swag.
  • You can also customize merchandise to your employees. You choose the gift option and we’ll do the hard work. Whether you need it the same-day or you’re planning for next year, we can help ensure delivery of the perfect gift, incentive, or recognition for your employees and customers.
  • Furthermore, if your holiday party is still canceled, send a personalized gift basket to your employees or clients.
  • Cocktail hour connections still in the future? Schedule a virtual cocktail hour and send a specialty package with drinks and/or tumblers to share a little downtime as a team.

Recognition Platform: Stay connected and celebrate your employees throughout the year with streamlined interaction. Our industry proven SaaS platform can assist you in the following ways.

  • Connect with colleagues using the social wall features to help build team relationships and augment company culture.
  • Send greetings and well wishes on new milestones and achievements by implementing a robust platform to award and recognize employees.
  • Cloud based solutions allow for easy plug and play setup, along with a rewards program that is ready to start giving.

If you’re interested in learning more contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today.