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McKenzie Stephens
Solutions Strategist
August 19, 2015

Use Happiness Happens Month to Spark Employee Engagement

Have you tuned into the news about Happiness Happens Month? Maybe not, and possibly you should. In 2000 the Secret Society of Happy People (yes, there is such a thing) declared August as Happiness Happens Month and the celebration has gained momentum ever since. So why not celebrate Happiness in your workplace with events and activities that bring a smile—or even a laugh—and spark employee engagement?

Although Happiness Happens Month is nearly half over, there’s still time to wrap it into your recognition and engagement programs. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you have an enterprise social media platform, use it to issue a “Happiness Challenge.” The challenge is an invitation for employees to acknowledge colleagues with a sentence or two on your workplace social media on why that colleague makes them happy.
  • Send daily “Happiness” reminders to all employees on organization-wide email. The reminders can be simply brief quotes about happiness, a stock photo of smiling people, or an infographic. A quick Google search can lead you to any or all of these.
  • Suggest that leadership send an organization-wide email on a work and happiness subject. For example, why having such a great team of employees makes them happy.
  • Place random notes of personal recognition on employee’s desks. The surprise factor boosts the power of personal recognition. And how many of us ever receive a hand-written note these days?
  • End Happiness Happens Month with a small celebration. Bright balloons and healthy snacks in common areas? A gift-card give away drawing? With a little imagination, even a small budget can be applied toward a bit of workplace happiness.

With employee engagement levels virtually stagnant in 2015, hovering around 31 percent for the year so far, employers need to double down on their engagement efforts. Celebrating Happiness Happens Month is a bandwagon employers can jump on.

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