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Rick Blabolil

Do You Struggle to Measure Employee Engagement ROI?

HR professionals are challenged on many sides, but nowhere more persistently than in the area of employee engagement ROI. More than 75 percent of recently surveyed HR professionals report the need to measure engagement ROI, but fewer than half did. These days, tight budgets demand hard measures of the “soft side,” but are these measures possible? The answer is yes—but only if you have a roadmap.

We invite you to attend “How to Start Measuring Employee Engagement ROI,” a free, one-hour webinar led by Brad Callahan, Marketing Innovators vice president, business solutions and Todd Hanson, a certified ROI professional and founder of the ROI of Engagement ROI Resource Center. Callahan and Hanson will take participants through a step-by-step process for capturing engagement ROI—and show the concrete business impacts at each level. They’ll focus especially on the first levels of engagement ROI, so viewers can get started measuring immediately.

Webinar learning objectives include:

  • An understanding of the most widely accepted measurement process, the Phillips ROI Methodology™
  • The ability to create a comprehensive data collection plan
  • Steps for developing effective survey questions and measures
  • The means for credibly measuring results from the beginning
  • A concrete process for starting to measure employee engagement ROI today

Here are several other resources to help you learn more about Employee Engagement ROI:

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