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Rick Blabolil
June 22, 2016

Three Tactics to up Your Recruiting Game

We’ve talked before about how you can retain top talent in today’s job-hopping world. Now, let’s take a look at how you can win at the recruitment game. Here are three tactics that will make a positive impression on job candidates and elevate your brand above the competition:

  1. Button down every detail of the interview process. From the time you finalize in-person interview arrangements until the candidate’s visit is concluded, make sure every activity is tightly structured.
  2. ‍Arrange transportation for out-of-town candidates. If the candidate is flying in, have someone greet them at the airport. The positive impression that makes is well worth the extra effort. • Provide all parties with a detailed agenda. This ensures your team has their ducks in a row and, more importantly, it demonstrates to the candidate that you respect their time. It also gives them a chance to be well prepared in advance.
  3. Brief team members who will be interviewing. Make sure they understand their role in the interview process, and have their calendars cleared for the time they spend with the candidate.
  4. Be courteous. You don’t want your top pick waiting in the reception area to be welcomed, or interviewing with a team member who’s distracted by their cell phone or calls.
  5. Proactively manage the interviewee’s expenses. If you have a policy for reimbursing expenses for candidates make the process easy and timely. Every touchpoint of the interview experience leaves an impression. And for candidates traveling long distances to headquarters, a prepaid card received before the trip can optimize the experience.
  6. Immediately follow up. Continue the courtesy by following up with the candidate shortly after the interview. Sure, it takes time to consolidate all your team members feedback, but that shouldn’t stop you from re-contacting your top candidates with a progress update.

If there’s a delay in the process, let them know and, if possible, tell them why. If the decision is made that the candidate isn’t a good fit, deliver the news as quickly as possible so the candidate can move on.

You can be certain that the candidate you want is looking as closely at your organization as you are at them, so keep this in mind, as the saying goes: “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.” From start to finish, you’ll want to ensure your every candidate has an outstanding experience with your organization, regardless of the outcome.

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