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Brad Callahan
Vice President, Business Solutions Group
November 6, 2015

4 Ways to Get Creative With Gamification

Since we first wrote about gamifying work-related activities, the practice has become firmly embedded in leading organizations. According to forbes.coman estimated “…70 percent of major employers use interactive software and games for training.”

We see gamification as having even broader applications. Such organizations as Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, L’Oreal, and FedEx have embraced the concept and applied it to a broad range of work-related activities, from training to rewarding desired behaviors, and even during recruitment. Whether your organization is already on board with gamification or if you are exploring the concept, here are ideas for creatively applying gamification to help reach organizational goals:

Recognition and engagement. These early adopters understand the value of properly applied game mechanics in their programs and their sustainable value in the workplace. In fact, gamification of rewards and recognition has even greater value as millennials become a greater portion of the workforce. Millennials have grown up with games and using game concepts to engage plays well to this job-hopping demographic, where most anticipate staying in their current job less than three years.

Recruitment and retention. Take a page from the beauty product brand leader L’Oréal (22.5 billion euro sales in 2014) which uses progressive game elements and narratives to assess potential employees’ skills and help them discover where they might best apply those skills in the organization. L’Oreal also recently decided to implement an online learning platform comprising 70 modules for its digital marketing team.

Attract and inform C-suite executives. Employees at this level have multiple demands on their time and attention yet 61 percent of CEOs, CFOs and other surveyed c-suite executives report taking “…daily game breaks at work.” Gamifying the vital role of mentorship, using game techniques to strengthen leadership skills,  elevate succession planning or onboard new c-suite executives in the organization’s culture are several applications that can add value at this level.

Deepen customer relationships. There’s no reason to limit gamification to your workforce. Gamification is a proven strategy for deepening customer engagement and loyalty. Are you using Starbuck’s Rewards mobile app? Even if you aren’t you probably know someone who does. By rewarding users with badges, status and special privileges, the gamified app recognizes and rewards loyalty, and drives customer engagement as well as brand equity.

Would you like to learn more about gamification and how it can help your organization reach its business goals? Contact a Marketing Innovators solutions expert today.

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