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The Why, What, and How of Rewarding With Promotional Products

With the holidays coming, and planning already begun for year-end recognition programs, now is the time to begin selecting gifts for customers and partners, and rewards for employees. Because they offer numerous budget-friendly options and opportunities for personalization, promotional products are an ideal solution. They make the giving easy and they are welcomed by recipients.

Here’s why promotional products are a great choice and how to wrap them into your year-end gift-giving and rewards programs:


A recent infographic from titled “Promotional Products Work!” includes several statistics that show the value of promotional products. For example:

  • 47% of survey respondents keep promotional products for a year or more
  • 85% did business with the brand after receiving a product
  • 88% recalled the advertiser and 62% recalled the message


Before selecting promotional products for your gifts and rewards, determine what will work best for your company. To do this, look at your employees’ and customers’ demographics. Then try to find out where their interests lie. When analyzing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your employee base predominately male or female?
  • If you have a multi-generational workforce, do you have the flexibility to select rewards that appeal to generational preferences?
  • If your workforce is global, how will rewards need to be modified to reflect cultural differences?
  • When choosing customer or partner gifts, what types of gifts tie most closely to your service or product, and will also be valued by recipients?

Answering these questions upfront can aid in your initial research and help ensure that you select the right items that will have the desired impact.


The last step is to deliver the promotional products to your employees, customers, and partners. If your organization has a rewards platform with online capabilities, consider giving recipients the option to select gifts or redeem certificates or ecards online at their own convenience. For customers and partners, a nicely wrapped gift—even if that gift is a plastic gift card—with a personalized note will make a favorable impression.

To get learn more about promotional products or to explore creative approaches for using them, contact a Marketing Innovators promotional products specialist or call 800.543.7373 and start your own promotion products rewards program.


PPAI Infographic: Promotional Products Work!