Promotional Products

Promotional products have multiple uses and offer numerous choices. From employee incentives to recognition programs, and from trade shows and branding campaigns, promotional products deliver a personal connection that makes every occasion special. Marketing Innovators offers promotional products backed by dedicated promotion specialists:

Branded products

Branded products make a lasting impression and help build loyalty to your organization. Whether you use them for marketing, customer retention, sales incentives or trade shows, branded promotional items create a long-lasting, positive impression of your organization.

Emblematic awards

When you want to celebrate years of service, acknowledge performance or recognize achievement, consider giving an emblematic award. MI offers a wide selection of traditional and contemporary emblematic awards, including jewelry, watches, luggage, apparel, and electronics. We’ll also help you personalize the award, increasing its value and meaning to the recipient.

Customized plaques and certificates

Customized plaques and certificates continue to have a definite place among incentive choices. They offer the opportunity to honor achievements in a range of areas—safety, quality, customer service and sales, for example—and because they are often prominently displayed generate ongoing recognition. MI coordinates the design and production of plaques as well as recognition certificates.


Looking for help? Contact a Marketing Innovators promotional products consultant who will be happy to help you find the best choice for your event.