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Molly Erfort
VP, Marketing

Why You Need to Send a Work From Home Survival Kit

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis we are likely to see changes in the workforce landscape moving forward. One theory is that employers will be encouraged to practice more permanent remote work policies. Employees who have the ability to work from home will be advised to do so to help maintain social distancing.

Or, perhaps the work week will be divided; certain departments will be allocated specific days in the office or cross-department meetings will be assigned to one day of the week and the rest of the operations will take place remotely. Although, we can’t exactly predict what things will look like, we do know the norms are changing. What’s not changing, is the need to retain human connections in our workforces, virtual or otherwise.

It is essential to help your employees adapt and feel appreciated while adjusting to the changes in their daily lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created a few different “survival kit” options to help you recognize and support your employees during this time of change. We also offer custom gift bundles with personalized branding. Here are a few ideas:

Stay Connected: Have you ever asked yourself…Where’s my charger? You asked and we listened. After all, you can never have too many chargers. Stay in-touch with your employees by giving them a gift bundle filled with computer chargers, a docking station, a hands-free phone stand, and more.

Zen: Feeling stressed about the recent changes and uncertainty? The Zen bundle is just want you need. Filled with a wooden diffuser and essential oils, a candle, drawstring bag and tumbler cup to keep your Zen green tea or lemon water warm. This package will help set the tone fora calm and balancing environment.

Cozy at Home Deluxe: Get comfortable in your new remote work environment with plush slippers, Bluetooth earbuds and charger, with a shoe bag and utility pouch. This bundle offers everything you need to feel cozy and comfy.

Game Night: Bingo! Get competitive and have fun with game night. You just hit the jackpot of fun games such as: UNO, Chess, Dominos, a puzzle and a tote bag to keep things organized. Play games with friends and family at home or virtually with friends and coworkers.

Fit as a Fiddle: Stay healthy, fit, and fabulous with this at home workout bundle. The package includes a fitness tracker, earbuds, S’Well water bottle, dry towel, hand cleanser, and a drawstring bag so your gear doesn’t get lost at home.

Hydrated and Updated: Quench your thirst and fuel your brain with all of the essentials. This bundle includes two S’Well water bottles, a Google backpack, a tablet and hand cleanser. This bundle is great for staying productive while on-the-go.

All in all, we can’t predict the longevity COVID19 will have on the workforce, but the short and long term effects have caused a multitude of emotions. Help tame those emotions and diminish fear by sending your employees a gift bundle. Order the bundle that is right for you or personalize one and start recognizing your employees now.

Investing in your employees today will help grow a better tomorrow. Contact a Marketing Innovators Specialist to inquiry about a custom bundle or to place an order today. Let’s work together to keep the Human Connection™ alive in our new workforce.