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Desiree Martinello
Executive & HR Administrator / Office Manager

Managing Holiday Stress to Channel New Year Optimism

Are you running around trying to check things off your list? Whether its end of the year work responsibilities, last minute holiday shopping, preparing for guests or just dreading awkward family encounters, it feels like there’s always something more to do. We understand the holidays can be a stressful and emotional time for many people because we’ve all been there. Including your coworkers and employees.

This time of year, everyone can use some moral support, and we have you covered. Below are a few tips to combat anxiety and stress this holiday season to help make the New Year one to look forward to with energy and optimism. Use them for yourself or as inspiration to help support your colleagues, but try to remember to find a little extra compassion, including yourself, at this time of year.

  • First and foremost, it is important to observe and acknowledge your feelings. Do you feel anxious? Are you stressing about socializing with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while due to the pandemic? Feeling lonely or sad you can’t travel to be with family? Try making a list of things that could potentially be stressing you out as it helps to name your triggers and prepare for any potential roadblocks to holiday joy. Then find ways to decrease or even avoid these stressors:
  1. Take a moment to nap or take a break from working
  2. Go for a walk and get some fresh air outside, if possible
  3. Try meditating or playing soft and relaxing music
  4. Do something that makes you happy
  • Reach out to friends and family for help. Perhaps family members can help by bringing a dish to your holiday dinner to lessen the load. If cooking isn’t a part of their regular routine, ask if they can pick something up from the grocery. Make things easy on yourself and others!
  • Be realistic by prioritizing what’s most important on your list. You may not be able to get everything done and that’s okay. Start with the most critical things so if you can’t accomplish everything, at least you got the most pressing items checked off and can have peace of mind that the important things are done.
  • Stick to a budget. During the holidays, people tend to spend more money on gifts, meals, and decorations. Try to stick to a budget to help eliminate financial stressors. Is there anything you can re-gift or can you save on shipping by picking something up locally?
  • Remember to maintain healthy habits or any routine activities that benefit your mental and physical health. The holidays is typically a time where people indulge and engage in unhealthy habits. Try to get some rest, drink lots of water, and practice positive thinking. This includes setting aside any family differences. Don’t engage in stressful topics of conversation.

Remember that with the stress of the holiday comes an opportunity for real connection and joy, which is something we lose sight of sometimes. This can help set the stage for a New Year filled with optimism and a clean slate to start a new and exciting chapter. After a couple tough years of being in quarantine and adapting to many different changes, imagine this year as a new and exciting journey. A few positive vibes may help bring those beliefs to life.

If you’re looking for addition always to engage in a positive and motivating company culture in 2022 – contact a Marketing Innovators specialist to learn about the different products and services we have to help you grow and connect with your workforce. We’re here to make work easier for you and your team.