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August 14, 2014

HR Best Practices in a World of Rapidly Changing Skill Sets

One way or another, we often find ourselves talking about how everything around us is constantly changing. Whether it’s the technology used to manage employee recognition programs or the impact of social channels on traditional hiring practices, we have heightened awareness of the influence of change. That influence extends to the skill sets we look for when hiring new employees and HR professionals are constantly challenged to find candidates who possess those skill sets.

Here’s a list of HR best practices drawn from our own experience that might shed some light on the process:

Understand What Your Company Needs

Before you can really know the skill set required of new talent, you must first have a deep understanding of your company’s needs. According to a recent article from, “The most important thing that HR should focus on in talent management is assessing the skills the organization needs to implement its strategy and the plan for recruiting and managing that critical talent.” Technology and an increased global presence require an even more critical focus on talent, which is an increasing competitive advantage for your company.

Look Within Your Own Company First

Instead of spending long hours in an external search, consider the possibility that the best candidate could be a current employee. Instead of starting with an external search, take the time to review the profiles of your current workforce.  You might find a hidden gem. Your employees are often looking for the opportunity to increase their value to the organization and are willing to train to achieve that. In addition, filling slots from within demonstrates your organization’s commitment to its employees and the opportunity to grow together.

Look at Your Own Role Differently

Examine the role of HR in the big picture. A recent article in TLNT examines how doing what is best for the business as a whole is often the better option and will make both the employees and management happy. “Peer managers grow tired of HR managers whose main purpose is to look after the workforce. They soon look for ways to bypass HR in decision-making and it’s not uncommon for HR to be left out of meetings that they probably should be in. The reality of course, is that the best HR people are neither Catberts (the evil HR director in the popular Dilbert comic strip) nor ’employee advocates.’ First and foremost, they’re ’business’ people who are focused on doing what’s best for the business.”

Remember that what was done one way yesterday could be done entirely differently tomorrow, so keep an open mind. To learn more about people performance management contact a Marketing Innovators specialist.


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