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Desiree Martinello
Executive & HR Administrator / Office Manager

How to Enhance Employee Wellbeing Post-Pandemic

Pulse check: are you feeling cared for as an employee? Studies show that employees are back to the pre-pandemic days of feeling “less cared-for” at work. In other words, many employees believe employee wellbeing is no longer apriority.

According to Gallup’s recent post, “Showing that you Care about Employee Wellbeing” only 24% of employees agreed that they were being cared for by their employers. Partly, moving back into the office or building a hybrid workforce has translated into employees believing employers don’t care as much about their wellbeing. In addition, Gallup’s research shows that high employee wellbeing correlates with improved professional, social, and financial performance, as well as customer engagement.

There are many ways to enhance wellbeing and improve the employee experience. Here are 10 ideas to start with if you want to measure how well your organization is doing in this area:

1) Encourage work-life balance.

2) Promote a healthy lifestyle by including family, friends, or even pets in wellness activities.

3) Provide mental health support.

4) Offer flexible working arrangements.

5) Invest in employee development, whether personal or professional.

6) Foster a culture of trust and respect.

7) Invest in a physical environment to help keep employees active.

8) Create opportunities for growth and advancement.

9) Offer competitive pay and benefits package.

10) Provide opportunities for social connection with events & gatherings.

If you’re looking for ways to improve employee wellbeing and would like to round out any of the ideas above, reach out to a Marketing Innovators specialist today. We’re here to help elevate the employee experience and promote employee wellbeing through several different mediums. We offer short-and long-term incentives to assist in enhancing your workforce and ensuring employees feel their health and wellbeing is cared for.