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Desiree Martinello
Executive & HR Administrator / Office Manager
October 15, 2020

Holiday in October

As most of you know, many big retailers are hosting the “holidays in October.” This means there will be lots of deals and ample opportunity to buy all of your holiday gifts ahead of schedule. Considering in-person shopping looks a bit different this year, many retailers are encouraging consumers to buy gifts in advance for several reasons.

The main reason? To avoid the crowds and to ensure safer transactions. Globally, social distancing is still a common practice. This year many people will shop online to limit interaction with other people and to avoid public places and gatherings… which leads to my next point. With an increase in online shopping and shipping demands, it is key to buy your holiday gifts early this year to ensure they arrive on time.

Yes, shopping on Amazon has always been popular, however online shopping will be a nearly universal practice within all retail and ecommerce businesses this year. Shipping companies have always worked overtime during the holidays, as it is their peak season, but busy will have a whole new meaning this year. UPS and many similar companies are hiring hundreds of thousands employees in an effort to maintain expectations.

Business gifts that need to be purchased in bulk will be impacted even more so.

How can you stay ahead of the rush? Take advantage of foresight and purchase your employee gift boxes ASAP. Thank them for being flexible and adaptable to the chaos of 2020. Thank them for the hard work they contributed to the success of the business. Thank them for being present and for having the company’s best interest in mind. There are so many reasons why showing appreciation is important this year.

Think of everyone on your list this year. Perhaps send teachers gifts or send “thank you” packages to health care workers and their families. Whether you want to give back to the community or send a personalized gift for your employees that will stand-out and make them feel appreciated, we can help you with pre-curated gift boxes or even a customized version that is perfect for your needs.

To learn more contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today. Not only can you support a small business, local teachers, or just about anyone deserving of a little extra attention this holiday season, but you will receive premium white glove service from us.

We offer a variety of corporate gift ideas: from gift cards that can be sent digitally or via direct mail, to fully customizable gift boxes that can be shipped anywhere. Plus, we even offer discounts on bulk orders. To ensure your gifts arrive in the right hands, at the right time, plan your holiday gifts today!

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