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Desiree Martinello
Executive & HR Administrator / Office Manager
January 21, 2020

Six Ways to Beat the Winter Weather Blues With Rewards & Recognition

The gloomy winter months can really sap the energy of employees, which makes recognizing and rewarding great work that much more important.  Even the managers responsible for this task need a little boost this time of year. Here are some ideas on how to reward and motivate your employees during the gloomy winter months.

1.     Provide opportunities to support local food pantries, give needed supplies to a homeless shelter, or donate money to a charity of choice. Giving back builds a sense of community and radiates throughout the workforce. Even those who don’t participate can feel the good vibes.

2.     Host a holiday party to show appreciation for your employees. Social events provide employees the opportunity to socialize with their peers on a less formal level. It is a great time to get to know people across departments and strengthen relationships with the people you see every day.

3.     Holidays already over? There’s never a bad time to build connections with an after work get-together! Plan an Employee Appreciation Day with free lunch or a free happy hour at a restaurant outside of the office. Show your employees you care by rewarding them with free food, drinks, and great company. Make the effort to organize an off-campus event. This will lighten the mood and give employees a mental break from the usual suspects: the cubicles, offices, and conference rooms.

4.     Hire a massage therapist to bring some rest and relaxation into the office. This is particularly important during the winter when muscles are tense from shivering while their cars warm up. Even just 15 minutes is enough to refresh and refuel for a long workday.

5.     Cater in a free lunch. Provide a variety of foods to fit all dietary needs and offer seating in an open conference room so employees can socialize and reconnect during the lunch hour.

6.     Raffle off prizes. Not sure what to offer? It’s hard to go wrong with a Starbucks or Amazon gift card. Even better, give the winner a choice by awarding them a Reward Code! Another option is to offer a month of access to the best parking spot. In any case, make sure you have plenty of gift cards on hand for on-the-spot rewarding opportunities.

As you begin to transition into 2020 business planning, contact a Marketing Innovators specialist and let us do the hard work for you. We’ll help implement a smart, simple, and savvy employee recognition solution that makes sense for your workforce.

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