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January 16, 2015

A Second Look at the Business Impact of Engaged Employees

One of our most popular blogs in 2014 was an infographic, “The Business Impact of Engaged Employees”—and for good reason: Engaged employees boost productivity, gross margins, and earnings per share (EPS). In short, they give organizations a winning edge. When it comes to productivity, for example, engaged employees make a huge difference. According to U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, from the third quarter of 2013 to the third quarter of 2014, productivity in the U.S. rose 1.0 percent. But, according to a survey by Gallup Consulting, organizations with highly engaged employees post 18 percent higher productivity.

Check out our infographic and other posts on employee engagement, or contact a Marketing Innovators engagement specialist to see how you can boost employee engagement and meet your organization’s business goals.


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