Marketing Innovators Introduces New Employee Recognition Platform

ROSEMONT, IL, October 9, 2012—Marketing Innovators, Inc. (MI), a leading provider of innovative performance management technologies and services, announced today its newly enhanced PPM Suite Express™ powered by Power2Motivate®. The new platform combines operational efficiencies with exceptional flexibility and a robust awards menu to deliver personally meaningful recognition for organizations of all sizes.

MI’s PPM Suite Express™ is cost- and time-efficient.  Installation is easy minimizing start-up costs and its seamless, on-demand technology delivers on-going software updates system-wide with no incremental cost or administrative effort. Features of the platform include:

  • Architecture that mirrors the organization’s corporate structure and allows administrators to run multiple programs with various reward criteria for numerous branches, divisions or groups.
  • More than 24 million digital reward assets—books, music, movies, on-line travel and event tickets—which are poised to become the #1 reward choice.
  • Unmatched global merchandise selection and global delivery performance.
  • Social recognition capabilities for online, real-time, personalized acknowledgement that boosts performance initiatives.
  • Gamification that brings out healthy competition and generates excitement about achieving goals.
  • Hundreds of training modules available that are SCORM compliant and ready-to-use.
  • A fully integrated system that administers metrics-based programs on the same platform as reward and recognition programs.

“PPM Suite Express™ aligns perfectly with our mission to provide organizations easy, flexible and bottom-line focused employee engagement solutions,” said, Brad Callahan, MI’s vice president of business solutions. “We bring a team of professionals focused on solving our client’s challenges, and we work directly with them to align the technology to organization’s goals.”

For more information about PPM Suite Express™ or to schedule a demo call 800.543.7373

About Marketing Innovators

Marketing Innovators International, Inc. (MI) designs and manages multifaceted incentive, recognition and loyalty programs that connect businesses and organizations across the nation and globe with their employees, partners, and customers. MI creates innovative solutions that align behaviors, actions and activities with organizational values, goals, and strategies for sustainable growth and increased profitability.

 MI helps clients capitalize on the Human Connection® to inspire people, build a culture of engagement and create results that help to meet business objectives. MI’s signature award platforms offer unique opportunities to include gift cards, travel and merchandise.

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