MI Adds Adventure Travel to Performance Management Rewards

ROSEMONT, IL, NOVEMBER 13, 2012 –Marketing Innovators International, Inc. (MI), a leading provider of performance management technologies and services, has added Adventure Travel to its already robust selection of rewards. The enhancement is available to participating employers through PPM Suite or as a stand-alone incentive.

Adventure Travel Rewards include choices that range from the thrill of a NASCAR driving experience to the more laid-back option of a California wine country tour. “We know there is a growing population that values the authentic experience this kind of travel offers,” Cindy Mielke, MI’s Vice President, Marketing, says. “By adding Adventure Travel to employer’s reward options, we enable them to appeal to this population in a meaningful way.”

Adventure Travel Rewards are also convenient: recipients can redeem their reward certificates online  or by phone with a concierge-level customer service representative, and can schedule their adventure according to their own calendar. The certificates are good for up to two years and, unlike many travel rewards, MI’s Adventure Travel Rewards have no blackout dates.

For more information about Adventure Travel Rewards, or to learn more about Marketing Innovator’s technologies and services, visit our Travel Rewards section or call 800.543.7373.

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