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Why Mobile Apps Are a Key Employee Engagement Tool

Most organizations understand why they need a highly engaged workforce, but many struggle with the how of creating that level of engagement. We know from our experience, and from the success of our clients, that rewards and recognition programs coupled with appropriate incentives elevate employee engagement. What we’re really excited about is the role of technology, particularly mobile apps, in boosting those levels even higher.

Most of today’s workforce have a smartphone or tablet within reach 99 percent of the time, including on the job. This is why eGift cards have become so popular in rewards and recognition programs. What we’re seeing overall is that mobile traffic is moving more and more toward app usage rather than the traditional web browser based viewing of the past.

Given this movement, we suggest it’s time to broaden the role of mobile as an engagement tool to include the use of mobile apps. Having a mobile app or mobile enabled employee engagement solution is a must. The best engagement app not only heightens initial engagement, it makes users more productive and then delivers recognition, completing the engagement cycle.

A wide number of workplace apps are hitting the market, ranging from apps that help employees be more productive to those that help employees manage their benefits, and apps aimed at increasing engagement. In fact, organizations should assume that mobile apps are the way that users will be consuming HR services moving forward. And with an estimated two-thirds of major U.S. companies allowing telecommuting or working virtually, mobile apps are rapidly becoming a critical engagement tool.

We see numerous applications for mobile employee engagement apps. When implemented as part of an overall engagement strategy they can:

  • Enhance employee recognition
  • Integrate cultural norms organization-wide
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increase employee interaction and feedback

So far we’ve focused on the use of mobile apps for employee engagement, but what about businesses that have channel partners? Mobile apps represent an underexploited opportunity for deepening engagement with those partners. We are currently working with a major player in the automotive industry to release a mobile app for engaging their dealership sales channel. The app will allow their sales personnel to view their sales activity, load their prepaid card, receive company news and push notifications.

The app is the first of its kind that will be able to engage with the more than 10,000 dealership employees. Until now, the company has never had a communication vehicle so close to their dealership employees.

Are you ready to explore how we can help you create a more robust employee engagement solution? Contact a Marketing Innovators solutions expert today.

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