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January 27, 2015

There’s More to Workplace Social than Recognition: Using Social Media to Find & Manage Talent

At the close of 2013, we took a look at social media and its effects on hiring and employee recognition. In a blog titled “Using Social Media for Hiring,” we predicted that social media would be a power player in the hiring process. Around the same time, Forbes ran a column by HR consultant Jeanne Meister headed “2014: The Year Social HR Matters.” Now, a year later, we are revisiting this topic to see what has changed, what hasn’t, and what to expect in 2015.

When workplace social platforms were first introduced, they were seen primarily as a uniquely effective recognition tool.  Organizations also recognized that these platforms increased employee engagement and helped to drive organizational culture. Now, in 2015, we are seeing the use of social media extending beyond recognition and into the arena of talent acquisition and management.

The social media site LinkedIn for example, experienced rapid growth in 2014 and continues to be the preferred site for hiring managers and job seekers. LinkedIn enables hiring managers to go beyond standard applicant screenings and may even shorten the hiring process.

Keeping those hires will be a challenge as the economy continues to improve. A study by Harris Interactive shows that 74 percent of employees would consider quitting their job. Effective use of workplace social to hire, recognize, engage and—ultimately—retain employees could bring that number down. If you haven’t gone social with your employee recognition program, think about starting with the fundamentals. To learn how, contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today.


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