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Rick Blabolil
March 10, 2020

The Clear Leader

Being a leader is no easy task but anyone, with the right tools, can be successful at leading.

As Brene Brown states in her novel Dare to Lead, “clear is kind and unclear is unkind.” It is a relatively simple phrase with a potentially huge impact. What it means in the corporate world is to be transparent and direct with yourself and with employees. In order to be successful and improve productivity, engagement, and participation within the workforce; it is vital to be direct and clear in all facets of communication.

When leaders aren’t direct and to the point, it can leave employees confused and unsure of what’s being asked. Confusion and uncertainty can open the door to misinterpreting and overthinking and ultimately lead to toxic side conversations.

Brown mentions, “Talking about people rather than to them is unkind.” Any side conversations or behind the scenes gossip can destroy morale and discourage employees from voicing their opinion. It can deter motivation and excitement. Leaders must lead by example and terminate any negative comments or behaviors that are seen in group situations or that take place behind closed doors.

Setting expectations is key, but staying committed and dedicated to enhancing the company culture and promoting positive behavior is a difficult but necessary task. These tasks are never easy for anyone and very commonly are distressing because it requires being vulnerable. As Brene Brown states, “I believe that you have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage, therefore… embrace the suck.”

She continues by saying “Courage over comfort” is her motto. Leaders must have the courage to communicate the importance of treating one another with respect. It isn’t comfortable to tell someone how to act or lay down the law on what is and is not acceptable, but as humans we need to be reminded. This is especially critical in a professional business environment. Leaders who can be clear and have tough conversations are successful.

When leaders are distinct and there’s a system in place to have clear communication to ensure every individual and employee understands their role – everyone wins. So, how do you start?

Have a system. Dedicate yourself to being open and honest, fair and real, kind and respectful. Make sure your leadership and managers have the right tools to communicate, engage, thank and reward their employees. Setting the tone of creating purpose and connection will help drive motivation and positive behavior.

Marketing Innovators is a family run business and we have been a leader in the employee engagement and recognition industry for over 42 years. Within those years, we have accomplished much success while experiencing challenges and hardship. We’re passionate about supporting Brene Brown’s pursuit of establishing safe, courageous cultures that “dare greatly.” We’re on a mission to ensure everyone feels respected, motivated, and cared for –that means those we serve and those doing the serving. Interested in learning more about elevating your workforce experience or just looking to join the Brene Brown fan club? Contact a Marketing Innovators specialist today.

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