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June 5, 2014

The Benefit of Employee Engagement Surveys for Global Workforces

Gaining insight from employees through a survey is important and can help ensure your employee engagement programs continually improve. This applies even more too global workforces due to the need to gather additional insight from each geographic location. In our previous blog on global workforce engagement, we described several factors organizations must consider to ensure they are reaching their global workforce in an effective and relatable way. This blog suggests an easy way to gain the kinds of insights that will enable you to better utilize the information.

Because your employees are the individuals who are participating in the company’s engagement program, who better to ask what is working, what can be improved and what is not connecting at all? The insights you gain from asking these questions can provide the kind of information needed for decisions that increase the ROI from your employee engagement programs. However, many organizations struggle with gathering and quantifying this information. A recent article from TLNT on how to compare business results to employee engagement, offers four solutions to challenges that can arise when conducting an employee engagement survey, including:

  • How to collect usable data
  • How to decide what metrics matter
  • How to properly measure employee engagement
  • How to isolate external variables

Now that you have gathered the desired information and measured it, the next step is to take action. Begin by tackling the smaller problems that are quick fixes and then move on to the more complex program optimizations that may require customizations or advanced technologies. In the end, you will have the right tools and programs in place to properly engage, motivate and retain your global workforce.

To learn more about employee engagement surveys, how to set one up or to speak with an engagement specialist, contact us today.

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