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Rick Blabolil
April 12, 2018

Refresh, Renew, Reenergize

Although it doesn’t quite feel like it yet, spring is finally here. The gradual warming temperatures, signs of budding trees, blooming flowers and green grass, can bring a renewed sense of optimism and motivation. This is a great time of year to reevaluate your goals, set some new ones, and reflect on hopes and dreams both personally and professionally. Change and new direction can be difficult for some, but can also be incredibly revitalizing. After 25+ years in our current office space, we are setting new goals with our hopes and dreams in mind and matching the upgrades we made to our brand last year by moving down a floor. We couldn’t be more excited about this change. We have moved to a new space marked with a fresh, new, technology-focused look and feel.

 At the core, we are still the same trusted, family-operated business, delivering continued support, service, and success to our clients, colleagues and partners. We are celebrating our 40-year anniversary this year, and are thrilled to welcome this new decade for us in an upgraded office. We strive to better our clients and ourselves by providing best-in-class service and technology, and with that comes version 2.0 of our workspace. With this new space, our hope is to create a renewed sense of creativity, productivity, motivation and engagement for our employees.

 If physically moving the office isn’t in your company’s immediate plans, there are many other ways to revitalize your brand and employees:

·               Freshen up the space you currently use by sorting through and getting rid of old technology, files, décor etc., that are no longer in use.

·               Think about upgrading/replacing a few of those items, while also keeping the “less is more” mentality in mind.

·               Refresh your commitments to your employees. Changing up or adding a rewards and recognition program can also be highly beneficial in bringing renewed energy back in the office.

·               Set up new communications channels and methods with your employees.

·               Encourage the creation of “communities” of interests for hobbies and skills. There may be a group that wants to expand their skills in Excel or a group that wants to talk about their interests in wine tasting or pets.

·               Set aside some time to engage in “social responsibility” through a local or national organization – i.e. Habitat for Humanity.

All these things can help contribute to each individual’s purpose, their department’s purpose and your company’s purpose. Now that’s refreshing!

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