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Molly Erfort
VP, Marketing
November 12, 2019

How Recognition Leads to Real Engagement

In our previous blog we spoke about the benefits of boosting engagement. Now, we’re showing that there is a direct relationship between that and another core management technique, recognition. It’s a simple, direct relationship: when recognition increases, employee engagement does too.  

An easy, manageable way to get started with improving your employee engagement is to focus first on improving your employee recognition. In a recent IRF study about translating the neuroscience of behavioral economics into employee engagement, participants were asked what leaders could do to improve engagement,and 58% of them replied: “give recognition.”  

By choosing to recognize your employees, motivation and morale are impacted in a positive way, making it possible to achieve goals more quickly with a workforce that is much more engaged and productive. There is science to back it up, as well.  

The IRF released research which describes that neurons associated with positive emotions are fired when an employee is rewarded or recognized. The more highly positive experiences a person has during their time with a company or organization, the more positive emotions that person will associate with it.  

By rewarding and recognizing employees (both tangibly and intangibly), you are creating and building an emotional association to the “job well done.” These emotional stamps trigger the employee to relate their hard work to the recognition, which is beneficial for everyone.  

Individual productivity is increased, office climate is improved which fosters better teamwork, greater employee satisfaction, and inevitably trickles down to greater consumer and customer satisfaction. The more it happens, the more it will continue to happen and become the norm within your organization. Sounds easy enough. So, how do you recognize your employees?  

It may come as no surprise that here at MI we have an incredibly user-friendly, full-featured platform built specifically for employee recognition. We guarantee that it’s worth your time to check out all the capabilities and features you can leverage. It’s a quick setup with modular interface but if it feels a bit daunting to start there, we can also help by offering a simpler way to get started, with reward codes, prepaid cards, or bulk gift cards

Let’s work together to help your workforce be the best it can be!

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