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Stephanie Galioto
Manager, Client Services
July 19, 2017

Four Ways to Build Teamwork

Creating a work environment where your employees feel motivated to work together and not against each other, towards common company goals, is beneficial for everyone. There are proactive steps you can take to build teamwork in your office. While it requires some work (or in this case, “building”) on your part, it will inevitably lead to working smarter, not harder.

Build Relationships

The individuals on your teams don’t have to be best friends, but it is helpful when they enjoy each other’s company. Providing opportunities for people to get together outside of the office helps foster relationships. This gives your teams a chance to socialize and naturally find out what they have in common, such as interests, hobbies, kids and family, etc. This can be achieved through scheduled happy hours, outings to a local sports team event, or even catered lunches.

Build teamwork skills

Not everyone innately possesses all the skills to be a productive team member. Is someone having continuous trouble compromising with others? Is a different employee consistently lacking skills in communication? Most individuals are open to feedback, followed by explicit ways to better themselves. Offering a suggestion will help people to recognize that they are an investment and important asset to your company. This also shows that you care about their growth.

Build the right teams

As a manager or boss, it is also your job to observe your employees and brainstorm how to fit people together. As always, you should be open to, and keep multiple channels available for employee feedback, but also use company data, and intuition to gauge how people are working together. If something isn’t working, take responsibility and help an individual or team to build their teamwork skill. However, it might be necessary to make a change or shift in order to move forward.

Build friendly competition

While all of the above-mentioned steps require continuous effort and evaluation, once you have established relationships, teamwork skills and smart working teams - you can incorporate things like incentives and recognition to further boost the effectiveness of your teamwork culture.

If you would like another perspective or some fresh ideas, contact a Marketing Innovators solutions expert. Our solutions team has the experience and creativity to help you and your employees move in the right direction.

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