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Rick Blabolil
June 27, 2012

Employee Wellness Programs Offer Positive Results

June is National Employee Wellness Month making it a great time to talk about the importance of employee health initiatives. For companies of all sizes, the health of employees has been proven to impact productivity, days on the job, and morale, according to the American Institute of Preventive Medicine. In a recent Marketing Innovator’s (MI) survey conducted at the World at Work Total Rewards 2012 Conference and Exhibition, HR Professionals were asked about engagement ROI. An unexpected finding was that wellness programs were cited as the most popular.  We’ll share more about the survey in a future blog, but this was just one more indicator that properly managed, employee wellness programs make for smart business.

MI not only executes wellness incentive programs for its customers; we also have an internal initiative for our own employees that has experienced impressive results. Our staff continues to improve their health and meet targeted key performance indicators. One hundred percent of participants have lowered blood pressure and cholesterol and 50 percent have improved their glucose levels.

Another rewarding outcome of the program is the camaraderie our team developed and the boost in morale and teamwork we have seen. This carries over to our day-to-day service delivery and customer interaction. The program has the highest participation and satisfaction ratings among our team. For more details, take a look at our recent case study; MI Employees Reap Wellness Program Benefits.

Does your company have an employee Wellness Program? Do you measure its ROI and is it providing positive results for your business? If so, tell us how. We would love to share your story with others.

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