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Brad Callahan
Vice President, Business Solutions Group

Don’t Just Motivate Your Employees—Inspire Them

Businesses know that genuinely motivated employees are engagedemployees—they are more productive and more loyal. So, time and resourcesare poured into programs that motivate employees,and with general success. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But I’d like to suggestthat motivating your workforce isn’tenough. Not in today’s economy. To really break away from competitors,businesses must inspire theirworkforce.

An inspired workforce is the driver of business success.Here’s where I’ve seen the real business benefits of having an inspiredworkforce:

Inspired employeesare creative.  We all have heard thatnow tired old saw “think outside the box,” but there’s a good reason it’s stillaround. Thinking outside the box is where great ideas are born—ideas that can resolvea seemingly complex problem with a simple solution or give rise to abreakthrough strategy that moves the business to the next level.

Inspired employeesare ignited from within. Yes, they respond positively to rewardsand recognition, but because they are inspired, they will consistentlyexceed their goals by a fair margin. Employees who are stimulated and findpurpose in what they do push themselves to greater levels and bring their teamand colleagues along for the ride as well.

Inspired employeesare eager for new challenges. Inspired employees adapt positively to changeas well, because they are actively seeking new challenges and new opportunitiesfor achievement. Whenever your business is experiencing changes in the businessenvironment or strategic direction, inspired employees will embrace theinherent volatility, uncertainty ambiguity and opportunities the winds ofchange bring.

There are actions you can take that will inspire yourworkforce:

Leadership talksabout its vision for the organization. You know that visions areaspirational. For organizations, they help keep focus on that North Star. Anorganizational vision is also inspirational. When your CEO or business unithead talksclearly about the vision for the organization and acts authentically instriving to realize it, employees are inspired.

Creativity isrewarded. Rigid hierarchies and departmental rules stifle the creativitythat can make an ordinary company great. Rewarding ideas that show “thinkingoutside the box” inspires others to take the risks that creative solutions tobusiness issues require. Does your organization have an enterprise socialplatform? Use it to publicly acknowledge employees whose creatively andinnovation has had a positive business impact.

Managers havepermission to shake things up—in apositive way. There’s nothinglike day-to-day routine to kill inspiration. Encourage managers to showcasesuccess, hold team-building events, or deliver an unexpected reward for a teamachievement. A positive break from daily routines and unexpectedacknowledgement are just two ways employees can re-charge their batteries andbecome inspired to go the extra mile.

With employee disengagement reaching uncomfortably highlevels and turnover growing as the economy grows, businesses are searching forways to engage their workforce. Shifting focus from motivation to inspiration,connected to a genuine purpose, can spark new levels of employee engagement.

Would you like to seehow your rewards and recognition program can inspire your employees? Contact a Marketing Innovations solutions expert to start a discussion today.