May 22, 2014

A Simple Checklist for Choosing Global Rewards

A global workforce deserves a global rewards program. At a time when even mid-sized organizations have global workforces, yesterday’s rewards programs may not be up to the task. If your company has a global workforce, or if you have channel partners in other countries, here’s a checklist that will help you find out if your rewards program is truly global.

  • Culturally relevant rewards. What is valued and meaningful to an employee in India may be entirely different from what an employee in Brazil values. A misstep here could disappoint the recipient or, worse, result in disengagement. To be safe, be sure your program has in-region rewards fulfillment.
  • Multilingual communications and catalog. English may be the accepted language of business worldwide, but it isn’t the preferred everyday language of your overseas employees and partners. Make every effort to communicate rewards and recognition to them in their own language, and be certain that your awards catalog is multi-lingual as well.

Tip: Don’t rely on translation software platforms. The words might be correct but the meaning is often lost in translation.

  • Multi-lingual customer service. A seamless rewards program includes seamless customer service.  Be sure that your program has multi-lingual customer support, and that the available languages align with the languages of program participants.
  • In-region fulfillment. Immediacy adds value to a reward. To ensure that your recipients receive their rewards as quickly as possible, see that your provider has in-region fulfillment. This not only saves time and heightens engagement, it also lowers costs by eliminating customs and duties.

Even simpler, here’s something to keep in mind when looking at a global reward program: Think global, act local. With that in mind, you can’t miss.

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