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July 9, 2015

3 Steps to More Effective Service Awards

Service awards (“length of service” awards) can be hum-drum or they can pack punch. With employee talent being the top investment for 81 percent of CEOs today, the right service awards can go a long way toward supporting retention of valued talent.

These three easy steps take just a small amount of extra effort, but the payoff is huge. By giving well-deserved recognition of employee service in a way that is relevant, you are deepening loyalty and commitment—critical in a time when 51 percent of employees are “not engaged” and 17.5 percent are “actively disengaged,” according to Gallup.

1) Personalize the award. Try to discover what is meaningful to the recipient. While some might be proud of a plaque for their wall, others might prefer a gift card, or personalized merchandise. Demographics can provide a clue. We’ve found that more senior employees lean toward a plaque or personalized desktop item, while younger employees prefer the choice gift cards offer.

2) Take a cue from trends. Wearable healthcare technology is hot—and it aligns with workforce wellness. And think mobile: recognize years of great service via a mobile alert to the recipient with link to award and their acknowledgement on your organization’s social media platform (see below).

3) Be sensitive to the recipient’s comfort zone. You know that some people thrive on the spotlight; they would love a formal presentation and prominence on your organization’s social media platform. Others prefer a quieter venue, but still appreciate the acknowledgement. Ratchet the service award presentation up or down, depending on what you know of your recipient.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, easy-to-administer rewards and recognition program, check out MI’s PPM Suite Express or talk to a Marketing Innovators solutions expert today.



PWC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey Majority of U.S. Employees Not Engaged Despite Gains in 2014

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