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Molly Erfort
VP, Marketing

14 Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued

Making your employees feel valued is crucial for creating a positive work environment, building trust, and promoting employee satisfaction and retention. You have many options for showing employee appreciation, some of which cost nothing at all. Here are 14 ways to let your team know they’re doing a great job.

1.    Start an employee recognition program: Take the time to recognize when your staff goes above and beyond with an official employee recognition program. This might involve honoring an Employee of the Month, giving top performers extra time off, or gifting your team with branded merchandise, gift cards, or reward codes. A little recognition goes a long way toward making your employees feel important and appreciated.

2.    Offer good benefits and perks: Provide compensation packages with fair base pay, insurance coverage, retirement plans, and paid time off to make your employees feel more invested in their work. Many employees also want flexible schedules and the opportunity to work from home when possible.

3.    Prioritize work-life balance: When employees see their company acknowledging the importance of a healthy work-life balance, they are more likely to perform well and avoid burnout. You may want to offer mental health days, employee rewards that promote physical wellness, or even a four-day workweek.

4.    Provide opportunities for meaningful work: Employees typically perform better when they know their work matters. Try highlighting one team’s accomplishments to other departments through emails or newsletters to recognize a job well done and encourage better results from lower-performing teams.

5.    Provide regular feedback: Employees feel the most valued when their leaders offer genuine feedback about their work. Let your employees know that you notice and appreciate their work, and tie in any areas of concern or requests for improvement. Then, leave time for questions rather than rushing to the next interview.

6.    Consider a leader review program: Employees are accustomed to receiving feedback, but consider implementing a performance review for their leaders as well. This shows you respect your workers’ opinions and want them to thrive under inspiring leaders.

7.    Create a positive work environment: Make yourself available by reaching out to individuals or teams daily. The idea is to establish a rapport and make your workers feel valued, both as employees and people.

8.    Encourage creativity and innovation: By allowing your employees to explore new ideas and solutions, you prove that you’re not stuck doing things the way you always have. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and engagement among your team.

9.    Support collaboration: Fostering teamwork and shared goals creates a sense of belonging within the company and among your staff. Divide people into teams, encourage them to work toward specific objectives, and watch the camaraderie grow.

10.  Provide resources and support: Investing in your team shows you value their individual contributions. Consider offering one-on-one manager meetings, dedicated learning opportunities, and paid training to help your employees do their jobs more effectively and advance in their careers.

11.  Celebrate achievements: Hitting sales goals or completing a major project deserves more than just a pat on the back. Offer a tangible reward, such as a performance bonus or gift card, to make epic employees feel appreciated for their hard work.

12.  Hire internally: When hiring for a new position or leadership role, look at internal candidates first to show you value your current team and want them to succeed. You’ll also benefit from a faster and less costly onboarding process, with higher loyalty rates and a greater chance of employee retention.

13.  Foster a sense of community: The workplace shouldn’t be all about business. Consider hosting free lunches once a week or Friday happy hours at the end of the month. You might even fund an annual catered retreat as a thank you to your hardworking employees.

14.  Celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and holidays: Acknowledge project milestones, work anniversaries, and holidays like Employee Appreciation Day (the first Friday in March). You might also arrange an Independence Day party, Halloween costume contest, and other fun events throughout the year to keep morale up.

Ultimately, leaders who prioritize employee recognition will reap the benefits of a more motivated, engaged, and satisfied workforce. If you decide to start an employee recognition program, Marketing Innovators can help. We offer products and solutions to keep your employee appreciation ideas fresh and exciting, including bulk gift cards, gift boxes, branded merchandise, reward codes, and prepaid cards.

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